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sondor ALTRA. Real-time 2K film scanner for all 16 & 35mm formats. Scans image and sound in one single pass. 2K or 2.3K 10-bit DPX RGB or DNG image file in 4x3 format and 96kHz WAV audio file. Designed for secure transfer of deformed and shrunk film.


New features in RESONANCES include:
- pre/post processing monitoring
- XML job descrption integrated into metadata
- parameter set/recall


This lets you retrieve your valuable 70mm 6-channel commag tracks in optimum quality: our OMA E soundtrack follower is now available in a 35/70mm version!


The Soundhouse for your Spirit HD/2k/4k: Modular addition of Cyan track reader, Dolby Digial pick-up device and DTS time code reader.

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News February 2015

In these times of insecurity the Swiss Franc proves stable, trustworthy and relieable. sondor – and other Swiss quality products – are quite like it: reliable, high quality products providing excellent value, performance and service to their customers.

That must be why people and companies the world over continue to put their trust in us.

Welcome to these new sondor customers!

Optical and magnetic soundtrack scanning

- Eye Film Institute, Amsterdam
- Slovak Film Institute, Bratislava
- Film D, Lisboa
- NInA, Warsaw
- Universal Studios, Burbank
- Tokyo Lab / Toho Studios
- RTV Slovenja, Ljubljana

ALTRA mk3 2K Scanner

- National Archives NARA, Washington DC
- Gubler Imaging, Switzerland
- Cinematheque Suisse
- Cineteca di Milano, Italy
- Cineteca di Ivrea, Italy
- Nihon University, Tokyo
- CDI Archive, Mexico City

Vinegar Syndrome !

Tri-acetate based film soundtracks degrade rapidly, endangering our cinematographic heritage.
sondor has developped a wide range of products to reproduce damaged magnetic and optical tracks.

sondor. swiss made.

professional film transfer machines.

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Mag Alignment Films

We manufacture a wide range of 16mm and 35mm multi-frequency, single tone and pinknoise calibration films on Pyral T12 and T14 stock.

About us

sondor was founded in 1952 by Willy Hungerbuehler. Early customers were the Swiss and German TV stations. sondor soon established its name as innovative manufacturer of 16mm and 35mm magnetic film equipment and invented world-wide standards such as the bi-phase interlocking signal. Today, the company manufactures film transports and a wide range of accessories used in post studios and preview theatres, many of them built to order.