The Contemporary Mag Recorder / Reproducer


Magnetic Film Recorders and Followers in todays film postproduction environments should be easy to operate, simple to interface and cost effective units, providing the best of analogue sound recording quality.
The sondor OMA E is built to these criteria.
It serves as Master Recorder in transfer rooms or as host film-drive for our range of CHACE - additions for archive retrieval.
Like all sondor mag equipment, it can be modularly equipped for 16mm, 17.5mm and 35mm magnetic film, covering all track standards. Red LED reverse-scan optical sound heads and a Dolby Digital reader are part of the available options.

Product Highlights

  • Reliable modern design of mechanics and electronics

  • Easy film loading with automatic A/B wind detection

  • Native RS-422 serial port and bi-phase interlock
    with gear-box function

  • Rapid shuttling and locking
    24/25/30 fps fwd /rev
    250 fps ffw / rew in shuttle mode

  • Truest analogue recording qualtity

  • Line-up parameters memorised for all headblocks with
    automatic recall (Audio 90MkII amplifier system)

  • Dolby approved red LED reverse-scan
    and SR-D reader (optional accessory)

  • Accomodates 4000 ft of film on cores or 6000 ft on
    reels (optional). Longplay device available for reels
    up to 16’000 ft

  • Special headstacks for transferring warped and
    shrunk archive stock (optional accessory)

Archive Retrieval

The so-called vinegar syndrome is presently destroying thousands of unique original soundtracks world-wide.

In co-operation with the Burbank situated „CHACE“ company, sondor designed the tool to reproduce perfectly hitherto unplayable soundtracks on 16mm, 17.5mm and 35mm magnetic tracks. So the preservation and conservation of heavily shrunken and warped magnetic film has become possible.

Several mechanical and electronic modifications in combination with the high precision sondor „CHACE“ - headstack allow for perfect reproduction of severely deformed magnetic film at minimum wow and flutter (better than 0.05% weighted).

“Chace” - equipped machines feature:

  • extra guide rollers and guiding posts on the headstack
  • a retractable pressure-roller assembly on the playback head
  • sprocket rollers to cope with up to 4% of shrinkage
  • larger flanges on all idler rollers throughout the entire film path
  • independent torque adjustment for feed- and take-up reel
  • film tension adjustment inside the closed-loop and over the sound head


The operator friendly design features quick core-locks and automatic A or B wind check. The helpful counter- and locator functions in combination with the convenient encoder wheel are state of the art features expected in up-to-date studio equipment.

Record track switching and arming is centrally located left of the motor deck.

Fast shuttling and short locking times are ensured even with badly spliced or shrunk stock. The closed-loop film-drive prevents possible film slippage.

Audio Amplifier Systems

The number of formats and headstacks needed determines the choice between the two recently updated sondor pre-amplifier systems: the conventional Audio 84MkIII system for lower equipped machines or the Audio 90MkIII system for more complex configurations: all line-up parameters of the individual head-stacks are stored and automatically re-called.

Master Recorder
Reproducer loaded with CHACE options
Local Control Panel
CHACE headassembly for reproducing of heavily damaged mag stock
red LED Reverse-Scan Reader for OMA S and OMA E models
white light mono/stereo optical head for reproduction of heavily shrunk optical tracks

brochure oma e

brochure oma e CHACE

Dolby Digital Penthouse Reader

Reverse-Scan Reader

red LED Dolby Digital Reader for OMA S and OMA E models