Our Soundhouse range of optical film soundtrack readers comprises red-light reverse-scan stereo readers, Dolby Digital and DTS timecode readers in a modular design to fit a wide range of film transports like film projectors, dubbers and telecines. These are just the typical models - custom-made versions are quoted on request.

Theatre Projectors


Modular Soundhouse for 19" rack based dubbers; occupying 4U rack space

Modular concept self-contained multi-format Soundhouse for the retro-fitting of standard theatre projectors

The Soundhouse is mounted above the projector head and works with common platter systems, passive or motorised spooling systems

Modular concept 16mm or 35mm multi-format Soundhouse for the Thomson Spirit 2K/4K

The reader base plugs into the keycode reader area of the Telecine. The 35mm version can hold up to three pre-aligned pick-up modules:

- red LED reverse-scan

- Dolby Digital

- DTS Timecode

The 16mm version can hold a red LED reverse-scan optical and/or a Commag pick-up module.

The entire unit comes pre-aligned and with all necessary power-supplies and wiring. It is easy to install and complies with Thomson's technical and safety requirements.

leaflet Spirit Soundhouse (pdf)

Application Diagram - Discrete Outputs

Application Diagram - Decoded Outputs

Dolby Digital Soundhouse to fit sondor OMA S, Albrecht MB51/PB51, Magnatech PR636 etc.

Space requirement: 165 x 88 mm

leaflet SR.D reader (pdf)

Dolby Digital Soundhouse to retro-fit URSA, FDL and Quadra Telecines

    Space requirement: 165 x 88 mm